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Weight Loss Diets

    There are literally thousands of diets that are being purported to help people loose weight. As well, there are millions of people using these diets to loose weight. The following information will give you a more clear idea about weight loss diets and how to go about loosing weight.

The Diet Problem:
     Why is the weight loss diet industry flourishing so much? Well, the culprit lies in our lifestyles. Here are some facts that may shed some light on why we are all looking to loose weight:

The average Western diet is getting worse:
* We eat too much saturated fat. (Fast-food is a major culprit)
* We eat too much refined sugar. (Soft drinks are a major culprit)
* We eat too little fiber. (Refined food is a major culprit)

     In addition, our diet is heavily influenced by fast-food or quick-serve menus.
Nearly 50 cents of every dollar spent on food in America is spent in restaurants fast-food or quick-serve restaurants or on take-outs.

Result? Obesity is becoming a major problem throughout the developed world.
* 1 in every 2 Americans is estimated to be overweight
* 1 in every 3 Americans is estimated to be obese
* 40 per cent of UK adults are overweight
* 18 per cent of UK adults are obese.

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