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     There is a lot of interest in diet pills - and it is easy to understand why. Most posit that you can eat what you want and do no exercise, just take your pills and everything will go well. It isn't as simple as that though. Taking a diet pill to lose weight is fine but even if the pill works perfectly and weight is not put on, taking a pill will not give you the benefits of eating healthily and getting plenty of exercise. There are many problems outside gaining weight that come from a poor diet and no exercise. Diet pills are currently only available with a prescription from a medical practitioner and are not suitable for everyone. Many have potential side-effects and should be taken with caution.

     There is medical evidence that diet pills do work as an aid to weight loss - but not as an overnight miracle cure. The best results have been seen when the pills have been used along side a calorie controlled diet.

     The currently available diet drugs attack the body fat dilemma in three different ways. They either stimulate the metabolism and suppress appetite, affect serotonin or they impede digestion of lipids (fat). Each method has its merits. The stimulants are essentially derivatives of amphetamine. Amphetamine is still an FDA approved drug and is sold under the brand name Adderall. Meridia is an example of a brand of diet drug that exerts its influence on serotonin. Xenical is an example of a drug that blocks fat absorption.

All of these drugs can be obtained on the Internet, with the exception of Adderall.

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