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     Weight loss software is software for your personal computer that is made in order to help you design a program of exercise and diet in order to loose weight and to help you track your progress over time. It a way - it is a virtual personal trainer and dietician, and it is often way cheaper than you will pay for the advice you would get from a real-life person. As well, you can often tailor your program to your own personal needs and move at your own pace. One drawback is the lack of personal support that you would have if you were working with an instructor, as well as the wealth of personal experience you could gain from them.

     These online and diet programs often include things to keep accurate track of your progress, such as charts, graphs, reports, inventory, and progress sheets. Often they have spreadsheet type programs to keep track of both your diet and calorie intake as well as your exercise regimen and the amount of calories you are burning.

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